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VICE (Playlist)


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    • N.E.R.D- Wonderful Place
    • Wiz Khalifa- Visions
    • Smiley Face- Ion Fuck Around Like That
    • Dom Kennedy- It Was Beautiful
    • A$AP Rocky- Get Lit
    • Curren$y- For Seasons
    • Kid Cudi- Maniac
    • Sir Michael Rocks- New Dress
    • Curren$y- Hennessy Beach
    • Wiz Khalifa- Runways
    • Kendrick Lamar- The Recipe
    • Miguel- Quickie
    • Schoolboy Q- Sacreligious
    • Fabolous- Can’t Let You Go
    • IamSu!- Other Guys
    • Schoolboy Q- Hands On The Wheel
    • Wiz Khalifa- Mia Wallace
    • Clams Casino- Motivation
    • MF Doom- That’s That
    • Cassidy- Hotel
    • Edo G- Wishing
    • Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y- The Checkpoint
    • Kanye West- Home
    • ASAP Illusion- Hopeless Romantic
    • Rockie Fresh- Driving 88
    • Ja Rule- Wonderful
    • A$AP Mob- Jay Reed
    • Drake- Over My Dead Body (D33J Drowned Radio Remix)
    • Clams Casino- All I Need
    • Lupe Fiasco- Till’ I Get There
    • Clams Casino- I’m God
    • Mr. Little Jeans- The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)
    • Kanoba- Life’s A Melody
    • Clams Casino- I’m Official
    • Macklemore- Hold Your Head Up