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"Mayonnaise-colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips."
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  • Earl. 18. California. Instagram: mrhyphy

    Check out my blog? Anytime.

    Follow back? I don’t do follow backs, sorry.

    Promo for promo? Only if I follow you.

    How many followers do you have? If you really would like to know, ask me off anonymous.

    Compliment: Thank-you. I don’t normally reply to these, but I look at, and appreciate, all of them.

    What’s the name of your song? My playlist is randomized, but you can feel free to browse it here.

    Do you post your own photos? Unless stated otherwise, no. I retrieve most of these photos from Flickr, and I credit all of them (like this), which then takes you to the users page. If your photo is not credited, it is because somebody reblogged it and took off the credit. If you would like me to take down one of your photos, or if you would like me to credit/source one of your pictures back to you, I will happily do so.

    *Note: I rarely use tumblr nowadays, so the likeliness of me responding to one your questions promptly is pretty slim. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience, hope you enjoy the blog!